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DP 10.91 - Exchange GRE - mailbox selection -> user inputs

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3 months ago

Actual behaviour:

Query takes place right at the end on the recovery window. Here we ask how the items should be recovered. 

Because at this point user has done the restore, mounted the DB and just waiting for the recovery to take place. 

Here if we could limit the first list to the existing DB, it would be faster? 

Since we already have the DB mounted as recovery DB? Or use the same trick I mentioned in point above?

see also OCTIM19Q1361221 DP 10.91 - Exchange GRE

Enhancement request:

The customer is requesting to add a new page which can only display the mailbox that are given as inputs along with wild characters if possible...

mailbox selection -> user inputs ( nikil* ) -> list all the maibox names which start with nikil..
here the new page will be the "user inputs" which needs to be implemented and collected the user data and parse the data received from exchange and display the list of only those names if no user input is given then display the old page with all the list of user mailbox in it.


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