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DP 9.09 - EADR and configuration of MiniOS to include xfsprogs and other rpms

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after a full backup of a CentOS7 server, I created a recovery.iso file through DP 9.09 in order to test a full recovery of the machine. After attaching that ISO as virtual media and choosing the full recovery option, this fails because mkfs.xfs and fsck.xfs are missing.

Indeed, xfsprogs package is missing when booting on that recovery.iso, and maybe other rpms as well. Is there a way to add other packages to the MiniOS created by DP? I´ve seen an AUTODR.logs containing a line such as:

redirector drutil: = BASE PACKAGES:

and I see the following message as well in the client installation folder:

strings /opt/omni/lib/nls/C/ | grep "MiniOS packages"
Installing additional MiniOS packages.

But I still cannot find the way of inserting more rpms in the basic recovery.iso, and thus there is some functionality missing to proceed through the full restore.

Many thanks in advance!



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