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Enable and Disbale Backups via Right-Click Context Menu in "Backup" View

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Needs Clarification
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over 1 year ago

Hi there,


it would be very usefull if we had the possibility to enable and disable a backup specficitaion in the backup menü via right click on it.

like the option to delete or copy the spec, it would be nice to have the opportunity to enable and disable it too. (it would be also a nice look to wich spec is actually disabled)



Backup Team



    Assuming you talk about the MFC GUI ... we have no plans for changes in MFC. We are on our way into a pure Web-Based GUI (even if that takes longer than expected). In the Web GUI Scheduler you can just click and disable. Please consider moving over to the Web Scheduler. Have you tested it lately? 

  • Hi  

    i ment that it would be helpfull if we could enable and disable a whole backup specification within the backup view via contect menu (right click on the spec and you see Start Backup, Preview etc., there would be a diable backup helpfull)


    If this option is available later in the new HTML 5 GUI where you can start, delete and edit MS365 backup now, it is ok too and a much more faster way to disable a backup.


    Best regards 

  • Hey,

    also a commandline for enable/disable a backup specifikation would be graet !

  • As far as I cat see its about the "disable schedule" option. Now to enable or disable the backup I need to open the specification, go to the schedule tab, click "disable" and then click apply. 

    This operation should be accessable from the context menu.


    Do you mean the spec or the schedules here? Please provide more explanation about the actual use case.