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Enable or Disable Post-Backup Object Operation

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

Brief description:

We need an easy way to Enable or Disable Post-Backup Object Operation (Copy, Replication, Consolidation and Verification) from the Data Protector GUI. The only workaround that exists today is to move the spec from the corresponding afterbackup folder which is not user friendly.

Existing Enhancement Requests:

QCCR2A52545 / Support for disabling post-backup operation using a schedule or a checkbox


Improve and simplify maintenance activities in busy backup environments where Post-Backup Object Operation are used.

  • Hi,


    this would also be good for preexecs.

    For example preexec was successfull but Backup itself failed,

    restarting will also retrigger preexec, which might not be needed.