Idea ID: 1635915

Enhanced native deduplication within Data Protector

Status : Accepted
over 3 years ago

Brief description:  Support for deduplication within Data Protector for greater than 20TB.

To avoid buying an application that performs deduplication, its more cost efficient if the backup software had in-built deduplication.

How:  Should improve performance, use less CPU cycles, and be integrated to dedupe backups going to the cloud.


    We are working on a successor of current software based dedupe.

  • Hi,
    right, the built-in Software Dedupe Store is limited to 20 TB since above that file system defragmentation is kicking in badly. However it is your choice where the
    deduplication activity is happening. Can be at the source (i.e. app server) or at the target (the s/w or h/w store) and you can switch that behavior anytime. So in fact
    deduplication is built into DP Media Agents and where you deploy those agents you have deduplication going on if you want (plus more options).
    Future versions of a software store are to be designed larger than 20 TB but keep in mind that you still need large resources to provide performance and stability.
    That's why DP is not only relying on software dedupe but it recommends dedupe appliances like StoreOnce or Data Domain. It's a one-way street to have only one
    of the two.