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Environment details in sessions

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

Hello all, 

I suggest a simple message in the backup/restore/copy session to know some details about the environment like OS of servers involved and DP version. 

The message can be something like this at the end of the session: 

[Normal] From: BSM@cellmanager "backupname" Time: 5/8/2020 8:42:39 AM
Environmental details: 
            cellmanager: microsoft amd64 wNT-10.0-W
                           DP version: 10.50
            server02: Linux xxxxxxxxx
                           DP version: 10.40

The information will not be hard to get since is only to take the info from the cell_info. 

This will helpful when open a ticket with support so the session will have this information included.