Idea ID: 2818545

Export to excel Feature to be enabled to get any kind of detail info from IDB, Backup, Schedule tabs

Status : Needs Clarification
9 months ago


Features not available which can be injected in the next versions:

1. Straight away we do not have Active Client list report (Scheduled) which are exactly part of Backup configuration including VEAgent enabled Clients.

2. Do not have a straight report to pull the backup configurations including VEAgent Clients Example.. Specification and related clients and selected Devices and enabled schedules all together should be part of one single report.

3. Copy paste Feature can be enabled to pull the  Media list, Client List and Completed sessions from IDB from GUI.

4. Copy paste Feature unavailable for all the Options available from GUI instead of reporting which are just limited.

5. Pause option unavailable for running backup and restore

Please Confirm if all the above points can be developed on Data protector to be more User Friendly.