Idea ID: 2796783

Faster Feature Updates and OS-Support

Status : Under Consideration
over 1 year ago


you should provide DP Updates faster than once a quarter to be more up to date regarding new os versions or integration versions like DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, VMWare and so on.

This is essential to support customer enquiries faster as it is possible at this time.

thank you 

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    Maybe "Under Consideration" is the better status for this since the general speed of certifications and integrations is defined by the resources we have. The certification team is working as fast as they can go at all times. Improving speed can only be achieved by adding more team members. We are working on that but can't guarantee a fast improvement.


    New certifications are delivered once a month if no code changes were needed.  That's the majority of items.

    If code changes are needed it moves into the next possible DP release.