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GRE support for VMware ESXi6.5u3

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago

I have just found out that 10.60 GRE will support 6.7u3 but not 6.5u3!! Why?? These are parallel OS streams that are going EOL on the same date so there are no advantages to move to 6.7 if you are using 6.5. We have no desire at present to move to 6.7 and I would have a lot of work to do if I had to move just because I can't get the GRE to load in 6.5u3. 

  • Hi all,

    we need to separate support issues from enhancement requests. If the current version of VMware GRE is not working as discribed in our documentation then please address that to support. 

    If you want an enhancement going into a future version please address here by providing all the details you need. We don't want (and actually are not allowed to) copy other vendors software so please focus on features customers really need regularily. Also VMX works differnetly but can be considered.

  • GRE for VMware has allways been difficult to configure and work flawlessly with single file restores or backup. Maybe a suggestion for Support to use the VMware Explorer features into the integration. As far as I can gather the product VMExplorer was easy to configure VMware and Hyper-V backups and MicroFocus DP should be that easy too if not better.


  • DP GRE doesn't work flawlessly.

  • OK thanks Uli, I have actually got it to work now in 6.5U3 so appreciate it's not supported yet but it does work! Port 7116 must be open between CM and VCA then the plug-in loads into VMWare. Hopefully see you in The Hague...


    We are not providing support statements for an upcoming release. And certification is different from product launches anyway. Please wait for DP 10.60 being launched and an updated support matrix is available.