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Handling of BTRFS mount points

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over 1 year ago

Via DP GUI, not all BTRFS mount points are shown when creating a new backup specification.
If a mounted btrfs volume has child sub volumes, the data from child sub volumes will be skipped during backup.
Child sub volumes will be backed up as empty folders.
We have to set an omnirc parameter to find all BTRFS mounted voumes

see 10.00 troubleshooting guide
Omnirc option Description
OB2_SHOW_BTRFS_MOUNTS To backup the explicitly mounted volumes, you need to export
the omnirc variable (OB2_SHOW_BTRFS_MOUNTS) that will force
inet to send all volumes back.
The variable OB2_SHOW_BTRFS_MOUNTS needs to be set to 1.

But setting this Parameter means we find each mounted BTRFS sub volume under the original BTRFS mount volume.

The parameter OB2_SHOW_BTRFS_MOUNTS=1 is not that what is desired by various customers.


- It would be great if BTRFS mountpoints would be handled similarly to all other mount points e.g. with xfs.
BTRFS sub volumes should be handled in backup specification as an own mount point.


- It would be nice if the BTRFS sub volumes would show the typical message for mount points
[12:1304] The mountpoint/filesystem cannot be backed up. Unrecognized configuration.

The mountpoint/filesystem is not recognized. It needs to be configured expicitly
in the backup specification using "Manuald Add."