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HP-UX en Primera Storage support for DP 11.x

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Currently Data Protector maintains still some traction with the very high end customers thanks to the HP-UX support.

This for regular filesystem backup but especially for Oracle and SAP integrations.

These customers need to maintain those setups still for a number of years for legal reason as one of them.

Now that several customers are going to replace there 3PAR's, great is their astonishing to see that Primera is listed for Linux and Windows but is NOT for HP-UX.

Some of these customers are daily users of ZDB setup's......

Are you forcing them to drop their OS, change from Storage vendor or just from backup solution?


Operating System
Other Integrations
  • Hello Luc.

        It would be good if you could specify the Oracle and SAP versions you're looking to have certified, along with the relevant configurations. Also, which specific arrays and firmware versions are you looking for? Getting test cycles from HPE to certify these combinations is a bit tricky and we would like to proceed with accurate information to minimize retesting. Windows and Linux get more attention since they are far more common in our customers environments these days.