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HCL Domino 12.x official Data Protector support

Status : Accepted

Certification for HCL Domino is running now for various platforms.

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Hello Microfocus Team,

Could you please provide an official statement if Domino 12.x on Windows is supported by Data Protector Lotus integration.
It's not presented in the support matrix for the latest Data Protector 11.01 but the support is required by the customer.
Also, customer is requesting specific Domino 12 feature to be supported:

Domino V12 introduces a Backup & Restore which is designed for easy integration with 3rd party backup solutions.
The server tasks backup and restore are accompanied by a new dominobackup.nsf (dominobackup.ntf) which holds all the configuration, logs and a database inventory. A Notes UI allows you to restore databases with many options including restoring deleted documents and folders into the original database.