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Make is so Event Filter listener and Telemetry service are not being installed by default

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7 months ago


When performing a push upgrade / local installation of DP 10.80 the following two services are being installed that are unneeded:

Data Protector Filter Listener Service

Data Protector Telemetry Client Service

From what I know Filter listener service is used for VM Granular Recovery and I do  not have any VMs in my environment or the VM Integ component installed.

Also I have never agreed for the DP telemetry, so it should not be installed.

Could you please modify the installed behavior to install them only when needed?


Thank you in advance!


  • Hi ,

    Yes everything is as expected. It is because a customer can opt-in and opt-out at any time. So the software is already installed.

    There is actually something in the documentation already on Filter Listener Service. See this link for details.

    Sebastian Koehler

  • Should the telemetry service be installed if it is not doing anything ?

    Also is it possible to update the documentation so that it is reflected what the Filter listener is used for.

  • Hello ,

    The Filter Listener service was used for VMware GRE before, but is now also used for Block Based Back File Recovery (now part of Disk Agent). Telemetry service is installed on the GUI client only. If you do not opt-in to Telemetry it will not do anything.

    Sebastian Koehler