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Manually Replace VMware VDDK with a Different Version

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1 month ago

Brief description:

Please allow the user to manually replace the VMware VDDK included in VEPA Integration with a different (more recent) version if needed. A similar mechanism is used in Micro Focus VM Explorer today.


This would allow to adopt to new versions of VMware vSphere more quickly and reduce the pressure of Data Protector upgrades. Also it would allow Data Protector to support a wider range of VMware releases with the current VMware VDDK N-2 and N+1 support statement.

  • Hello ,

    You have asked the question that actually lead to this idea. We will never be able to make everyone happy. Customers may use a VMware versions no longer supported by the VDDK we're shipping or use a VMware version is too new for our VDDK. So having flexibility would help.

    Customers with that special requirement would be able to manage the extra complexity added by replacing the VDDK, even for distributed environments.

    To answer your question, a recent version of Data Protector should support at least all versions that VMware supports at the day of the release. VMware 6.0 is out since a while now and customers adopt 6.7 and 7.0 right now.

    For older versions, customer may use an older version of Data Protector (with an older VEPA agent only or with an older Data Protector cell).

    Sebastian Koehler


    customers have of course the unsupported option of running previous version integrations.

    But let me repeat my question to all:

    How many customers are still using VMware vSphere 6.0?

  • Hello ,

    Customers still have the option to use an older version of the Data Protector (VEPA) client that supports the old VMware version on a more recent Cell Manager if this is really a concern. We have done the same with VMware 5.1 and 5.5 in the past.

    Sebastian Koehler

    We have looked at this option but we're seeing a couple of issues. VMX is a 1:1 relationship without an army of proxy servers. DP needs to work with much larger configurations and all needs to be in sync.

    We would rather go for the current VDDK 7.0 U1/2 and remove support for VMware 6.0 since that not support by VMware (VDDK) anymore. Anyone still using VMware 6.0?

  • Fully agree with Sebastian proposal. I have customer looking for it in order to be able to use current DP Vmware agent with an upper version of VDDK which support new Vcenter version (i.e. use DP 10.50 with Vcenter 6.7U3).