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Move Data Protector to an active central license server methodology.

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Waiting for Votes
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9 months ago

As more and more enterprise licensing schemes are being used today in the industry, it is suggested that Data Protector move to an active license maintenance scheme.  Instead of licensing being tied to an IP address with a "fixed key,"  Data Protector would communicate with one (or more) central licensing server(s) on a periodic basis (e.g. weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) to verify licensing.  There are several advantages to the customer:

* Customer is free to move licenses around their environment at will by "requesting" a capacity on a given Cell domain, and then freeing it up to move elsewhere at will.  No "license keys" need be generated.

* Customer will always know how much license they are using and where.

* Customer can get better and more timely help from Support.

* Micro Focus can notify a customer well in advance of them running out of license capacity and can suggest remediation steps.

* This would allow the customer the ability to move to different licensing schemes (e.g. subscription vs. permanent) as time moves forward.