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Need to ease VMware GRE file/folder browse via user-friendly virtual disk labels

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

When a VM guest has multiple volumes, it is frequently difficult to figure out which SCSI disk to browse for a desired file/folder granular recovery.  Which SCSI disk instance is drive G:\ on a Windows VM that has a dozen drive letters with some identical in size?  Which SCSI disk instance contains the /u13/app/oracle filesystem on a Linux VM that has multiple PVs in multiple VGs?

DP business logic needs to work in concert with VADP to greatly improve ease of use in this area.  The user should be presented with a relevant list of Windows drive letters or Linux mountpoints as the top level of granular recovery navigation versus a uselessly generic list of SCSI0:0, SCSI0:1, SCSI0:2 volumes.  And it needs to happen in the native DP GUI instead of that janky VCSA "smart" plug-in.


  • This would greatly reduce the confusion and time required to work through a GRE session. As it is, there are too many steps involved in the procedure and each of those steps presents a potential misstep, which could prove catastrophic if that misstep was to take place at the wrong point during the restore.

    The onus should be on the software, not on the user.