Idea ID: 2754507

Object-related reports should work without a backup spec

Status : Declined

Brief description:

Object-related reports such as omnirpt -report obj_avesize and omnirpt -report obj_lastbackup do not work without a backup spec. The related objects are not shown. Those reports are quite popular in environments using Capacity-based licenses (CBL).

This becomes a challenge when Interactive backups are part of the regular backup operation or backup specs are changed over time, while the objects are still in the IDB. Reporting in an Automatic Replication Synchronization (ARS) environment, where no related backup specs on the destination CM exist, are also effected,

There should be a global or omnirc option to bypass the backup spec filter and work on backup objects only.

Existing Enhancement Requests:

OCTCR19Q691138: Object-related reports do not work without a backup spec


Data Protector is about objects, not about backup specs. Reporting on objects should be a basic functionality.


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