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obrindex.dat should only contain protected IDB backups

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over 1 year ago

Brief description:

The file obrindex.dat on the Cell Manager grows with each IDB backup performed. It is stored in the following locations:

  • %DP_SDATA_DIR%server\db80\logfiles\rlog (Windows)
  • /var/opt/omni/server/db80/logfiles/rlog/obrindex.dat (Linux)
  • Copy of the file as defined in RecoveryIndexDir to the global file 

It is never purged and becomes pretty big over the time containing mostly irrelevant information (on unprotected IDB backups). It should only contain information for protected IDB backups.


It would be no longer needed to manually purge this file in environments that have been running for a long time and/or a large number of IDB backups.

  • That's true. I have worked in environments where the obrindex.dat have a size more than 4GB. And if we need to perform an offline restore that caused issues and we have to purge it manually. 

  • Hello Team,

    yes, this is a need.

    I saw obrindex files in size of > 100 MByte with IDB backup information over years. This is not needed and  the approach to reduce to protected only with an automatic purge is a good setup. 


    Ralf Willkowski