Idea ID: 1686679

omnicc -import_host should have a fallback for legacy clients

Status : Waiting for Votes
over 2 years ago

Brief description:

The procedure to import a legacy client into a Data Protector 10.x cell usually involves two steps). It can't be done purely in the GUI.

omnicc -secure_comm -configure_exception legacyClient
omnicc -import_host legacyClient

We have found that this can be done using a single command, even if the client is running Windows, Linux or HP-UX. This will setup the exception and import the client in one step.

omnicc -import_openvms_host legacyClient

This Idea is to improve the import process (omnicc -import_host and in GUI) by adding the "OpenVMS import mechanism" as a failback method if the remove client does not support Secure Peering (9.x clients and older, OpenVMS clients).

As a result we can deprecate many redundant switches from omnicc command to reduce overall confusion.


1. Provide better user experience working in environments where current and legacy clients exist.

2. Reduce the number of commands the user has to run to import a client into the Data Protector cell.

3. Remove no longer required omnicc -secure_comm commands that are basically redundant.