Idea ID: 1681063

omnimm -reset_poor_medium and -reset_wp_medium must be available in GUI

Status : Under Consideration
over 2 years ago

Brief description:

When working with removable media such as LTO cartridges there are several reasons why media quality could change from Good to Fair or Poor. For example aborted sessions, device errors or simply the time since the media was initialized the first time. If the media itself is good and should be used it must be reset using omnimm -reset_poor_medium CLI command.

Same applies if a cartridge was write enabled and scanned once. Then the omnimm -reset_wp_medium CLI command is required to clear the flag in the IDB.

Both operations are only available on the CLI. This needs to be changed. Make those operations available in the GUI.


Reduce the usage of the CLI to a minimum.