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Please support VM Explorer on Windows Server 2019

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

Please support VM Explorer on Windows Server 2019



VM Explorer
  • Patch working! Tested and confirmed!

    Thanks MF Team!

  • Where can we find/download patch 7.1.3 ?


    Delivered with patch 7.1.3

  • Hello Everyone and Anyone,


    I am willing to pay $200 US for a solid working solution to this problem.  I am running VM explorer latest version with ALL the latest patches.  I am running the backup server on a windows server 2019 VM.  I am backing up a windows server 2019 HyperV cluster.  Backups are perfect.  Files restores are perfect.  Even entire VM restores are perfect.  But it is failing at the registerVM part.  Unfortunately I am not able to deselect registerVM.  This would have solved everything.


    I have tried to disable "DELETE" from the folder permissions - this did not work.


    I have tried to mount the VHDs - did not work.


    I have tried restore a file which mounts all the VHDs presenting the entire file structure.  I have tried to find the mount and then export the VHD.  I couldn't find it anywhere.


    PLEASE - I am begging the community.  I badly need to restore my VMs.  I have no problem doing this ALL manually if someone can please give me the steps.  Obviously this is possible as VM explorer can extract individual files and I can restore the entire backup (but once it tires to register the VM and it fails - it autodeletes) - i just do not know how to do it manually.