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Real-time display of backup and restore speed

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

Using “KB or MB per second”  install of  “% “.

Instead of displaying speed in the session.

show speed-01.jpg


show speed-02.jpg


  • Hello,

    I think we need both. Calculating the current throughput is not that hard. See the omnispeed tool. It is using a few SQL queries to get object run time and processed object size from a session to calculate the throughput. I don't see why this can't be done in the GUI.

    SELECT dp_catalog_object_datastream.object_size::bigint::numeric as Size, dp_catalog_object_datastream.backup_device_name as Device FROM dp_catalog_object_versession, dp_catalog_object_datastream WHERE (dp_catalog_object_versession.session_seq_id = '12345678' AND dp_catalog_object_datastream.objver_seq_id = dp_catalog_object_versession.objver_seq_id)

    Sebastian Koehler

  • Hi  

    Actually I like the % done it can be useful especially for incr backups if you are waiting for them to finish... - can't we request an additional column for real-time throughput instead of replacing the % done column?