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Rotating the logs in the Data Protector Log directory on a monthly basis

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Different log files can change their size unexpectedly. Over the months and years of routine operation, backup administrators do not always track the size of the log files. At the same time, log files can be up to several gigabytes.

For example:

C:\Windows\system32>dir I:\DP\log\Server /OS
Volume in drive I is IDB
Volume Serial Number is 4853-B5BA

Directory of I:\DP\log\Server

18.09.2020 07:54 <DIR> ..
02.07.2020 15:33 <DIR> auditing
18.09.2020 07:54 <DIR> .

18.09.2020 07:54 1782939 Ob2EventLog.txt
18.09.2020 07:54 3418346 ob2eventlog.dat
18.09.2020 07:57 157902892 sm.log
18.09.2020 07:44 159415942 kms_audit.log
18.09.2020 07:57 1254515836 media.log
18.09.2020 07:57 3533153264 crsevents.log

Often, the logs reflect information that is not used by backup administrators and they lose interest in monitoring logs before errors occur in the application.

It would be convenient to have a built-in log file rotation service with compression procedure for different operating system platforms.



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