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Schedule scan of a library

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

In some environments the media changes constantly. So scan is needed, even format will be needed. 

A good idea could be add this option to schedule scans, barcode scan and formats. 

Rescan option option already exists, but will need an enhancement to be used in copy, replication and restores. 

Also, this option can offer the chance to perform operations before the backups start. 



    based on the number of votes we see this request is not supported by enough interest and is not considered for integration. It is therefore declined.

  • Hi ,

    It does work. I use it in all my environments. At least for backups you never have an outdated library repository. Moving media to pools can be done at any time since this is an IDB only operation.

    [Normal] From: "BACKUP"  Time: 02.11.2018 10:01:04
    	Starting rescan of library "MSL6480" with drive "MSL6480_D6".

    You also asked for media initialization (format). This can also be automated if you configure the global InitOnLoosePolicy=1 and use a the Allocation Policy Loose on the media pool configured for backup.

    Sebastian Koehler

  • That is true. This option could work, but will be better if this enhancement are applied. Also, I think that scheduled can offer to users the chance to schedule the operation before the backup starts, in case they need to perform operation, move the media to specific pool, for example. 

  • Hi ,

    Have you ever tried to use the "Rescan" option on the tape devices? It does exactly this before performing a backup. The only disadvantage is that "Rescan" does not work for Copy, Consolidation and Restore sessions, just for Backup. So before scheduling a rescan I would ask for enhancing CSM and RSM to perform the rescan if it has been configured for a device. What do you think? If you like it feel free to change your post. You have my vote.

    Sebastian Koehler