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Scheduled media deletion should be done on a configurable gateway

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over 1 year ago


Imagine that you replace a StoreOnce Gateway with other hardware.
The new system got a new hostname and the old system has been exported from the cell.

This causes an issue during "omnimm -delete_unprotected_media":

[Normal] From: MSM@cm-hostname "" Time: 05.08.2019 04:00:02
Media session 2019/08/05-1 started.

[Major] From: MSM@cm-hostname "" Time: 05.08.2019 04:01:33
[65:2] Could not connect to Data Protector inet process on host gw-hostname.

[Major] From: MSM@cm-hostname "" Time: 05.08.2019 04:01:33
[65:73] Media Management daemon reports:
"IPC Cannot Connect System error: [238] Connection timed out"

It looks like the MSM does "House Keeping“ based on the Gateway-Server that has been used to create the media.


We need an option to define another Gateway.
It could be an omnidbutil command to change the gateway definition within the objects in the IDB or an omnirc variable or inteligent code that takes another gateway if the requested one is not available.