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Support Block backup, FLR(file level recovery) and trustee back up against NSS volumes on OES

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Waiting for Votes
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7 months ago

OES customers rely on third-party back up solutions to back up files on NSS volumes.

Deep level integration between Data Protector and OES with support for block backup, trustee backup, and file level recovery adds great value to our customers.



    Of course we know about the NSS feature-set. However Block-Based-Backup will support standard Linux file systems first since that's what the majority of our customers is asking for. Once we are done with the Linux-part we can look into OES and NSS. 


    Thank you for the response and sharing news on the upcoming Linux support.

    OES customers use NSS for file system. The potential of NSS can be realized if accessed through NSS specific interfaces rather than a generic Linux solution.

    For e.g. NSS supports rich attributes and ACLs which are not available with other Linux file systems.

  • And it will be 100% complaint with OES?


    We are planning to launch a block-based-backup feature for Linux in H1 2021. Not necessarily for OES but for generic Linux file systems. And it will support file-level recovery of course.

  • Completely aligned.

    This would open up serious opportunities and and add much needed value to products interoperability.