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support DB (MongoDB,Hbase,MariaDB,SQLite,Hadoop)

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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11 months ago


Take a look at our competitors...Do we have support list?



  •  I understand that the making of any new integration is not an easy process. That's the reason why I ask you (for example) to make the possibility of changing current session's clients and backup objects list in the pre-exec script (2798300).

    Maby you should just publish your integration SDK. Community-driven code is the only possibility for the Data Protector to go great again.

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    We are also seeing these requests regularly. Anyway we opted to get done with Office 365 first because our customers gave it topmost priority. The items you mention (where some of them already exist in IE) are items we are planning for next year. No dates yet.

  • Talking about competitors:

    Commvault supports the following Bigdata Databases:

    • MongoDB
    • Cassandra
    • DataStax Enterprise
    • ScyllaDB
    • HBase
    • Greenplum