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Support Source deduplication for vmware

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 1 year ago

DP takes the same amount of time to a full backup the same virtual machines every backup. This is not reasonable. Our competitors EMC and Veritas and CommVault have long supported accelerated backups of vmware.


  • Hi Uli, thanks for your replay. This way does not reduce the backup window. I know ESX has limits about deduplication. but i do not know Why does emc can do a second full backup and only take a few minutes of backup time?However, we still need the same time and the same backup time. thanks.
  • Hi  

    we are working on eliminating white space from backups. Real deduplication on the ESX host is not possible since VMware doesn't allow 3rd party software on ESX hosts. You can do deduplication on the VMware backup server today and when you use SAN transport as well there is no redundant block travelling the network.