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The Ejected Media from Data Protector must not be prompted for mount unless it is entered

Status : Declined
over 1 year ago

Currently the Data Protector is trying to mount the Ejected Media from the same pool if the pool is required a new Media. Even though the Media is ejected from the Data Protector, it seems that it is not keeping the information. Because of this behavior, if we are not able to enter the ejected media,  the entire schedule backup is stopping. 

We have backups schedules which are running in night and because of this, we are suffering a lot.

I have contacted the support team and according to them, this is the way DP is designed. I surprised to see it as  an enterprise product should not behave in this way. please refer the case  SD02602472 for more information about the communication with Support Team.

As per the Support team, if we are moving the media from Backup Pool to an Expiration Pool and then ejecting the Media will solve the issue. if the Media Movement information is stored by DP, then why the Media Ejected information is not storing it.

Because of this behavior, we clients are facing issues. Can you please provide a solution for this? So that, I really hope, all customers of DP  will be benefited.