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Track rejected session in IDB when MaxBSessions is hit

Sebastian.Koehler Sebastian.Koehler
Status : Waiting for Votes

Brief description:

We should change how the Cell Manager handles new backup sessions if the upper limit of MaxBSessions is hit. If more backup sessions are started than allowed by MaxBSessions the backup sessions is simply rejected with this message.

Session cannot start because the maximum number of concurrent running sessions has been exceeded

No information is logged to the IDB. This makes restarting failed backup sessions sessions impossible. Only the notifications TooManySessions and CsaStartSessionFailed reports are send very basic information.

Please change the Cell Manager that all necessary information required to restart a backup session is logged to the IDB before the backup session is rejected.


This will allow better reporting and improved control of number of parallel backup sessions and enables the operating team to restart sessions rejected in times of very high activity (exceeding MaxBSessions).