Idea ID: 2763657

Unsupported Characters in VMware VM Names

Status : Declined
over 1 year ago

Brief description:

Not all characters allowed in VMware vCenter/ESXi are supported VM names for the Data Protector VEPA integration. The list of unsupported characters includes the following.

% (percentage) + (plus) = (equals) @ (at) < (less than) > (greater than) : (colon) " (double quote) / (forward slash) \ (backslash) | (vertical bar or pipe) ? (question mark) * (asterisk)

Please allow the usage of those characters (all or a subset).


Data Protector should adapt to the customer environment and allow to backup and restore of VMs regardless of the VM name. A subset of the special characters above are commonly used when creating VM names with a description, e.g. VM01 (Dev/Ops)..