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Usability enhancements to Windows EADR

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over 1 year ago

Brief description:

The Windows EADR recovery media should be enhanced to provide better usability. So the recovery media and the wizard should:

  1. Include the source client certificate required for Secure Socket Communication (SSC) with the Cell Manager. It can be captured during the /CONFIGURATION backup and included in the media to make omnicc -secure_comm -configure_for_dr no longer necessary.
  2. Have a connectivity/requirement check to the Cell Manager so the user can do the required changes to the networking, UserList and Secure Socket Communication if required and re-validate again with the need to reboot server. Display what has failed and recommend corrective actions (e.g. INET port on CM is reachable, but not responding => run omnicc -secure_comm -configure_for_dr 
  3. Stop the Data Protector INET process after the recovery session ends (successful or unsuccessful). This makes sure that logs created are closed and can be copied to a remote system if needed.
  4. Have an automatic log bundle collection. Contain information on used settings, system configuration and session success. Useful for troubleshooting and documenting EADR activities (for compliance/audit needs). Save to local disk, network or via INET to the Cell Manager.
  5. Prevent automatic reboot of the MiniOS if debugging is used.


  • Implement end-to-end security even during disaster recovery.
  • Improves usability during disaster recovery workflow
  • Improved support experience by reducing manual steps