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Use systemd instead of xinetd on SLES 15

Status : Delivered
over 2 years ago

Part of the new features of SLES 15 is that xinetd is removed and only used systemd.

9.3.5 xinetd and yast2-inetd Have Been Removed REPORT BUG#
In SLE 15, xinetd and yast2-inetd have been removed, in favor of systemd sockets. All software provided in SLE is already adapted to use systemd sockets and YaST modules activate socket instead of xinetd. If you are working with third-party software, it might have to be updated.

When we try to install DP 10.30, this error appears:

./ line 5925: netstat: command not found
Installing Core (omnicf)...

./ line 537: netstat: command not found
The required xinetd or inetd daemon is not installed on the client system...
Setup cannot continue. Installation of the Data Protector CORE component failed. 

Even SLES 15 is added to Support Matrix, the systemd is not supported, and xinetd have to be installed.