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User friendly error messages for omnicc -import_host

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over 2 years ago

Brief description:

This idea is to enhance the error messages provided by omnicc -import_host which can fail for various reasons. Just having a single error message [12:1625] Import host failed with 5-6 different causes is too complex for most users.

Instead we should have at least 3 different error messages that are more specific. A more usable implmentation could look like this.

[12:xxxx] Remote port on client unreachable

* Please check that the Data Protector services on the Cell Manager computer are running.
* Also check that Data Protector Inet service on the remote computer is running and is not blocked by network security (e.g. firewall)
(use: telnet <remote computer> 5565 (or value for INET port) to see if the service responds).

[12:xxxy] Secure communication with client failed
* Check the validity of certificates and their configuration.
* Configure the host by running omnicc -secure_comm -configure_peer <host_name> on cell manager and client.

[12:xxxz] The import operation failed after establishing secure communication with client
* Make sure that the remote client is not already part of another cell.


Improve usability for cells with Secure Socket Communication (SSC).