Idea ID: 2753986

Variable to disable messages 81:76 and 81:77

Status : Declined
over 1 year ago


There should be an option to disable the messages 81:76 and 81:77 from the sessions. Most of the cases are temporary files or files that customer knows that is not reachable. 

I think that a variable in global or omnirc should work. 

Messages are like this: 

[Minor] From: VBDA@clientname "/var" Time: 21/12/2019 9:05:54 PM
[81:77] /location/file.txt
Cannot open: ([26] Text file busy) => not backed up.

[Minor] From: VBDA@clientname  "clientname [/]" Time: 26/12/2019 12:01:39 AM
[81:76] /location/temporaryfile.txt
Cannot perform stat(): ([2] No such file or directory) => not backed up.