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Warning about the need to stop StoreOnce Software stores.

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 1 year ago

Brief Description

I'm suggesting to introduce some kind of warning about the need to stop all stores before stopping the StoreOnceSoftware daemon (Linux) or service (Windows) on a StoreOnce Software server.

Benefits / Value

It is still happening too often that stores are getting corrupted because they are not stopped manually before stopping the daemon/service or before a reboot of the system. That should not be a surprise as this required action is also not documented as far as I'm aware. But let's face it: documenting this only won't be enough. This is critical and we need to make sure everyone is aware of it! People are thinking they can just reboot the server and are facing data loss after it too often!

Design details

There may exist multiple creative solutions / areas to display a warning like this. My suggestion would be the following:

1. In the GUI, create a popup warning which is shown each time a StoreOnce Software device is created and each time the properties of such a device are opened. Optionally, there could be a check box to disable this in the future and/or an environment parameter to disable it. I would not worry about the fact this may be annoying at the start ..... loosing data is much more annoying! And it is happening regularly!

2. In the CLI, display a warning each time the StoreOnceSoftware utility is run.

A suggestion for the warning text:

"Warning: Please be aware it is required to stop all stores on the StoreOnce Software server each time before stopping the daemon/service or before a reboot. Failing to do this may result in data loss! Please use the StoreOnceSoftware utility to stop the stores. Consult the documentation for more details."

Obviously, we would need to make sure this is extensively explained in the documentation.