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Warning required when executing "omnicc -secure_comm -regenerate_cert" on a Cell Server

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over 1 year ago

Brief Description

I'm suggesting to display a warning like this when executing "omnicc -secure_comm -regenerate_cert" on a Cell Server:

Warning: Before you continue, please be aware that the new cell server certificate will need to be redistributed to all clients in the cell by running “omnicc –secure_comm –configure_peer <CS_HOSTNAME>” on each client separately or by running “omnicc -secure_comm -reconfigure_peer_all”. This last option will require an Installation Server on a client other than the Cell Server. Are you sure you want to continue now? Yes/No.

Benefits / Value

This may look rather trivial at first sight, but it's definitely not! It's crucial that whoever is regenerating new certificates on the cell server is realizing that a redistribution to all clients may not be so easy. In smaller cells it is still feasible to just run "omnicc –secure_comm –configure_peer" on each client. However, in bigger cells with hundreds or thousands of clients this is impossible and another method is needed. Fortunately there is a possibility to use “omnicc -secure_comm -reconfigure_peer_all”, but it is important to know that this will require an Installation Server on another client than the Cell Server. That will allow to first reset secure communication between this Installation Server and the Cell Server and after that run the “omnicc -secure_comm -reconfigure_peer_all”.

Design details

No big efforts or code changes are needed here. Only displaying a warning and requesting a confirmation.