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IDB backup should backup critical files like ssconfig, localhost_key.pem and localhost_cert.pem

Status: Delivered

This has been delivered with DP 10.90.  The files are backed up and restored automatically.  In a clustered cell manager configuration alone, some of the files need to copied to the secondary node manually, after the restore.

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Brief Description

An IDB backup should contain a backup of the following files: ssconfig, localhost_key.pem and localhost_cert.pem

Benefits / Value

The IDB backup needs to include the files ssconfig, localhost_key.pem and localhost_cert.pem because they are the key component for the Secure Communication across the entire cell. If they are lost, SSC needs to be reconfigured across all clients. This is not feasible at all in bigger cells!

While ssconfig and localhost_cert.pem are included in a regular file system backup, the file localhost_key.pem is not backed up (related to QCCR2A82007). But there is still no guarantee that the file system backup of the Cell Manager is performed at all. The IDB backup itself has some Notifications that will alert the user if they are missed.

Design details

The IDB backup is the most logical instance to have the backup of these files included.


Note there has been a CPE case about this: OCTIM19Q356554. There it was already agreed there's a need for this. Thanks to  for bringing up the suggestion!


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