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Support DP Container deployment

Status: Under Consideration


An interesting test: Due to customer requests, we recently tested building DP as a container (Docker CE19.04+).
DP deployment, migration, and other operations are easy to implement. So far, we've seen a slight improvement in backup performance.


DP Images Download:




Images Files:



DP Off-line Container Deployment:

#sh centos-dp1091-image.tar

MicroFocus Data Protector Container Deployment Foundation.jpg


DP On-line Container Deployment:

MicroFocus Data Protector Container Deployment Foundation.jpg


    Agree with you.

    From the current tests, Docker can perfectly split IDB and etc-opt-Omni and opt-Omni directory data.

    These directory data can be placed as persistent data in shared storage or other highly available storage devices.

    fast installation and migration of operations.Through some simple tests, we found that the DP CM responded a little faster than before.

    Note: the DP the image file should not contain this persistent data and should be 500MB in size.
    2.88GB image files include persistent data so that only one image file can be downloaded.



    It's necessary to improve the entire architecture of the Data Protector but I think containers are made to be stateless. There should be a way to have the IDB\MMDB\etc on one host and the application server in the container (IMHO).

  • Hi All,

    if you have time to test this DP image, containerized deployment really simplifies some of the functionality. 

    Such as: Install,Update, migrate, Cluster HA, Even performance and distributed deployment.

    This is just an idea, and hopefully R&D will support local container deployments in the future.

    Hope to get your feedback!