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Synthetic Full creation on Backup to Disk appliances

Status: Under Consideration

Under Consideration

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Brief description:

Modern backup to disk appliances with built-in deduplication such as HPE StoreOnce (with StoreOnce Catalyst) and Dell EMC DataDomain (with DDBoost) offer a mechanism to create Synthetic Full backups from previously stored Full and Incremental backups. This can be compared to what Data Protector offers as Object Consolidation (Synthetic or Virtual Full backup creation). In this process the Data Protector Media Agent reads the individual pieces and combines them on a disk or tape media. While this approach works basically with every kind of device it has limited scale and fails to work with very large file systems.

This idea is about integrating the Backup to Disk appliances into Data Protector to offer a high performance and highly scalable Incremental forever paradigm (hardware-assisted Object Consolidation). This would be required for File system and VMware backups.

Existing Enhancement Requests:

QCCR2A75129: Support of catalyst consolidation without rehydration
QCCR2A73076: ER for Synthetic backup
QCCR2A73366: Virtual Synthetics Full for DDBoost devices
QCCR2A77987: ER to support PowerOn/LiveMigrate from Synthetic backup
QCCR2A74492: Virtual synthetic full support for Oracle and SQL integrations
QCCR2A33940: Add option synthetic backups (consolidation jobs) of VM guests
QCCR2A61813: Support for NBU accelerator analog for DP for BCV backups


An integrated solution will (nearly) eliminate the requirement to perform Full backups on and offloads the compute intensive Consolidation work to the system where the data blocks are stored.

  • Hi all,

    there are several points of view here so i'm putting it into the backlog. 

  • Hello ,

    This must be a mistake. If not, please share the reference on how this functionality has been implemented.

    Sebastian Koehler

  • Hi Sheetal,

    Added Existing Enhancement Requests to my summary as a general reference that there functionality has been requested several times during the last years.

    Sebastian Koehler

  • Hi Jim,

    And thanks for your comment. Yes, there are other ISV products such as HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) and Veeam Backup & Recovery using this kind of StoreOnce API calls to offer Synthetic Full creation at high speed.

    I think the biggest challenge for todays Incremental forever implementation in Data Protector is that it was designed to be hardware independed and offers only a single sequential write stream. It works on various Disk-based devices (StoreOnce, File Library) and even tape devices. For example the Consolidation can even be configured to write the created Synthetic Full directly to tape. This level of flexibility is not required for my request. Object Copy to tape is always an option after Object Consolidation.

    Sebastian Koehler

  • The StoreOnce API already supports the function you describe.  Veeam takes advantage of it by sending a synthetic full "plan" to the StoreOnce appliance.  Creation of the target media for synth full takes place inside of StoreOnce via a clone/replicate function (I forget the correct nomenclature).  Doing so eliminates the requirement to rehydrate data and perform a host-based consolidation.

    What we want is for Data Protector to take advantage of that same StoreOnce functionality to replace the current synthetic full which is very low-performing since full and incr data must be read from StoreOnce by RMAs, consolidated on a host, then written back to StoreOnce with BMAs.