(DP) Support Tip: Busy DP 10.70 and 10.80 Cell Managers may give an occasional DbaXXXX error.



From time to time on busy, highly loaded, Data Protector 10.70 and 10.80 systems the Session Manager process on a Cell Manager may give an error
     [61:4001] Error accessing the database
     Database subsystem reports: "Internal error: DbaXXXX functions."

Systems Affected

So far this problem has only been seen on Data Protector (DP) Cell Managers running on Windows.
DP 10.60 and earlier version will not be affected by the issue discussed here.


If your 10.80 Windows Cell Manager is affected by the problem contact DP support and request… DP1080_b134_OCTCR19Q1179072_HF1_win.zip

If your 10.70 Windows Cell Manager is affected by the problem contact DP support and request… DP1070_b210_OCTCR19Q1179072_HF1_win.zip


When contacting DP support supply copies of `omnicheck -patches` and `omnicheck -ssphf` outputs so support can verify the proposed fixes are compatible with any existing fixes installed on your Cell Manager

How to install the fix

Note:- These instructions have been written for DP 10.80.
10.70 should be similar, but not exactly the same (eg. the patch filename will be different).

Instructions written where DP 10.80 was installed to
<DriveLetter>\Program Files\OmniBack
Adjust the directory path if Data Protector is installed elsewhere.

Three binaries required (from DP1080_b134_OCTCR19Q1179072_HF1_win.zip):-
 - CII_OCTCR19Q1179072_HF1
 - OCTCR19Q1179072_set_schema_config.sql
 - facade.dll

1. - Ensure no Data Protector sessions are running, that `omnistat` gives “No currently running sessions”.

2. - Close all Data Protector GUIs.

3. - Change directory to the location where you have put “OCTCR19Q1179072_set_schema_config.sql”.

4. - Run the script... `omnidbutil -run_script OCTCR19Q1179072_set_schema_config.sql -detail`
You should see

5. - Stop DP with `omnisv -stop`.

6. - Check for any Postgresql.exe processes belonging to DP.
If there are any, kill or "End Process" them.

7. - Move the CII_OCTCR19Q1179072_HF1 file extracted from DP1080_b134_OCTCR19Q1179072_HF1_win.zip to \ProgramData\OmniBack\Config\client\ssptm
You may have to make the ssptm directory.

8. - Make a very safe backup copy of existing file \Program Files\OmniBack\bin\facade.dll

9. - Move the facade.dll extracted from DP1080_b134_OCTCR19Q1179072_HF1_win.zip to \Program Files\OmniBack\bin

10. - Start DP with `omnisv -start`

11. - Optionally, run `omnidbcheck -extended`
It will show "Schema consistency -schema_consistency Failed"
This is because the schema has been changed by this procedure.

12. - Run `omnidbutil -set_schema_crc` so the new schema is recorded by DP.

13. - `omnidbcheck -extended` should pass now.

14. - `omnicheck -ssphf` should show...
Patch level Patch description
OCTCR19Q1179072_HF1 facade.dll Test binary
Number of patches found: 1.


Further information

Although, to date, the problem has not been seen on Linux Cell Managers the DP Current Product Engineering (CPE) team have prepared Linux versions of the fixes...

Linux version of the fix for DP 10.70. DP1070_b210_OCTCR19Q1179072_HF1_ux.tar.gz

Linux version of the fix for DP 10.80. DP1080_b134_OCTCR19Q1179072_HF1_ux.tar.gz

This problem is fixed in General Release Data Protector 10.90 version. 


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