(DP) Support Tip: Good practice when using Data Protector to prepare SAP-HANA backups.


When configuring a SAP-HANA backup in Data Protector (DP) we strongly recommend use of a single barlist (backup specification) for both System and Tenant DataBases.

If separate barlists (backup specifications) are configured for the SystemDB and TenantDB, SAP-HANA will start both backups simultaneously.
As both SystemDB and TenantDB have identical object names, and the backups starts simultaneously, it can lead to incorrect links among the object versions created by the separate barlists, and this can cause serious restore difficulties.

We strongly recommend configuring a single barlist (backup specification) for both the SystemDB and TenantDB to avoid this problem.

Many thanks to Scorpio_CZ for highlighting this problem and reviewing this text.


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