(DP) Support Tip: Some DP versions, `omnicc -check_licenses -detail` gives zero capacity (0 TB)



With Data Protector (DP) versions 10.60, 10.70 and 10.80 there is a problem with output from the command...
`omnicc -check_licenses -detail`

It shows used capacity as zero for premium license categories, for example
License Category : Direct Backup using NDMP for 1 TB
Licenses Capacity Installed : 350 TB
Licenses Capacity In Use : 0 TB

Total Protected Data : 0,00 TB



Contact Data Protector (DP) support and request...

For DP 10.60
DP1060_b154_OCTIM19Q944172_HF2_ux.tar.gz - Linux
DP1060_b154_OCTIM19Q944172_HF2_win.zip - Windows

For DP 10.70
DP1070_b210_OCTCR19Q1278227_HF1_ux.tar.gz - Linux
DP1070_b210_OCTCR19Q1278227_HF1_win.zip - Windows

For DP 10.80
DP1080_b210_OCTIM19Q944172_HF1_ux.tar.gz - Linux
DP1080_b210_OCTIM19Q944172_HF1_win.zip - Windows

When contacting support it can be helpful to have a `omnicheck -ssphf` output so support can check the omnicc fix is compatible with existing installed fixes.

The problem referred to in this document was fixed in General Release DP 10.90.


Manual installation of this fix to a Windows DP 10.x0 Cell Manager

Close all DP GUIs.

Ensure `omnistat` says "No currently running sessions".

Optional - Stop Data Protector. `omnisv -stop`
(If not stopping DP, make sure the cell is quiet.)

Rename the current omnicc.exe binary
in <drive_letter>\Program Files\OmniBack\bin
perhaps to omnicc_YYYYMMDD.orig

Move the omnicc.exe binary from the patch
to <drive_letter>\Program Files\OmniBack\bin

copy the file CII_OCTCR19Q1278227_HF1 <-- filename will vary depending on patch version
from <PATH>\x8664\A.10.70\CORE\DP_DATA_DIR\config\Client\ssptm
into <drive_letter>\ProgramData\OmniBack\Config\client\ssptm
(If the target ssptm directory does not exist, please create it.)

Delete the file <drive_letter>\ProgramData\OmniBack\tmp\lic.ctx

If DP has been stopped, start it. `omnisv -start`

run `omnicc -check_licenses -detail`   It should show missing license information

run `omnicheck -ssphf`   It should indicate the patch install details

Frequently Asked Questions

Qu) Why do we delete lic.ctx?
Ans) Without lic.ctx, CRS will query the AppServer for License information.
With lic.ctx, CRS will load cached License information from lic.ctx (for speed reasons).

Qu) Is it ok to delete lic.ctx when DP is up and running?
Ans) Yes.

Qu) Is it possible to use an Installation Server to install this patch
Ans) Yes, see the "Manage Site Specific Patches and Hot Fixes" section of the Administer guide.


Credit to for his help with this document.


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