(DP) Support Tip: using `omniusers` command to allow a Windows GUI to manage a Linux CM.


Using the `omniusers` command on a Linux Cell Manager (CM) to allow a Windows CM GUI to manage a Linux DP cell.


I have a Data Protector (DP) Linux Cell Manager and a Windows Cell Manager of the same version.
I want the GUI on the Windows Cell Manager to be able to manage the Linux Cell Manager.

Pre - requisites

On the Linux CM run
`omnicc -secure_comm -configure_peer <Win_CM_hostname>`

On the Windows CM run
`omnicc -secure_comm -configure_peer <Linux_CM_hostnme>`

Answer (example)

On the Linux CM the following command would allow a DP user "administrator" of the standalone windows host alpha to manage the cell.

`omniusers -add -type W -usergroup admin -name administrator -group ALPHA -client alpha.xxxx.com -pass DP_4dmin`

Explaining the example omniusers command above
-type W                                Means the system added is Windows.
-usergroup admin            Means the system is added to DP's admin group.
-name administrator       Means the account "administrator" will be able to connect
-group ALPHA                   Specifies the windows system group 
-client alpha.xxxx.com   Specifies the windows system hostname
-pass DP_admin               omniusers cli needs a password, but this password is not used later.

The user added using to the command above could be seen with the `omniusers -list` commandName: ADMINISTRATOR
Group: ALPHA
Client: alpha.xxxx.com
Web Username: administrator|alpha|alpha.xxxx.com

Using wild cards with omniusers
For security reasons we would not recommend using wild cards with `omniusers`.
If you did want to use wildcards, perhaps for the group, a syntax example would be

`omniusers -add -type W -usergroup admin -name administrator -group \* -client alpha.xxxx.com -pass DP_4dmin`

Removing a user

The syntax to remove a user is `omniusers -remove -name <WebUserName>`

so to remove the previous user
`omniusers -remove -name "administrator|alpha|alpha.xxxx.com"`
User 'administrator|alpha|alpha.xxxx.com' successfully removed.


Many thanks to ScorpioCZ for his help with these commands.


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