Replication hangs after upgrade to DP 10.50


Replication job did not work after upgrade to DP 10.50. It just hangs and do not show any progress for hour and hours.

It was working good in the prior version in DP 10.20.

The session just hangs in these messages:

[Normal] From: CMA@mediaagent "gateway02 [GW 5008:4:5491370814320506999]" Time: 2/12/2020 9:12:39 AM

STARTING Media Agent "gateway02 [GW 5008:4:5491370814320506999]"

It can hangs for hours until we abort it.

The interesting part is that only some replication fails, others are working. For the moment we identify that VM replications are hanging, Exchange replications are working.

Checked the working and the only difference here is that CMA is different than BMA.

The replication that is working uses the BMA and CMA in the same server.

But it was working before in DP 10.20.



[199] 2020-02-12 09:14:14.057 ("/lib/ipc/ipwrap.c $Rev: 36656 $ $Date:: 2013-03-14 23:05:41 ":1507)

[199] <<=== (3) } /* IpcSelect */

[199]  RetVal: (int) 1


[112] [IpcSetRcvSize] IpcEntryIsSignalled:6064 handle:1 oldsize:0 size:0

[112] [IpcEntryIsSignalled] handle:1 nonblocking read


This is a known behavior if meets the scenario described.

Already exists a hotfix for DP 10.50: DP1050_b125_OCTIM19Q727828_HF1_win

This issue has been solved in DP 10.60


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