VMware GRE is Super Slow


This is my first attempt at a VMware GRE restore and I'm hoping it's just something that I didn't configure correctly.  The documentation leaves a lot to be desired.  I'm running Windows Server 2016 CMs, DP 10.50 and vSphere 6.5.  I backup to StoreOnce devices.

A customer called needing an emergency restore from a VMware backup of 3 folders off of the C: drive of one of his servers.

Attempt 1:  I restored the entire VM to a different name, and then the VMware dude logged in and did whatever it is VMware dudes do to mount the restored VM and copy the files the customer had requested.  The Full restore consisted of one 177GB disk and took 45 minutes to restore.  Add in the VMware portion of the process, copying the 3 folders holding 47GB of data, and the customer had what he needed in less than an hour and a half..

Attempt 2:  After almost quitting my job numerous time rather than the ongoing struggle with the VMware GRE installation and configuration, I finally got it working.  I selected the 3 folders requested in the original restore request, pointed them at a different VM than the original, and started the restore.

Now, almost 3 hours later, of the 47 GB needing to be restored, 1.82 GB has restored so far.

I tested the process before attempting this big restore, with 2 or 3 files restoring,  and it was very quick.  I was encouraged and pleasantly surprised.  But this large restore isn't going so quickly.

Does anyone have really feel-good experiences with VMware GRE?  My boss wants to announce that we now have this capability so a Full VM restore won't be required for future restore requests.  But I don't want to put that out there if this is normal behavior.  I look forward to your responses.






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