(DP) Support Tip: StoreOnce device offline error is reported after unplugged/plugged FC cable


Error Message
Backup failed with the following error after unplugged/plugged FC cable .

[Major] From: BSM@hostname "datalist name" Time: YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS
Got error: "StoreOnce error: StoreOnce device offline, network error occurred or secure communication failed while contacting the StoreOnce device" when contacting "device name" B2D device!

StoreOnce System isn't recognized correctly as online at OS(RHEL) yet even though FC cable was plugged again .

Workaround / Fix
- When FC cable was unplugged and plugged between Server and FC Switch
FC Driver (qla2xxx) will detect link-down and link-up .
issue_lip is executed automatically , then StoreOnce will be recognized as online .

- When FC cable was unplugged and plugged between FC Switch and StoreOnce Appliance
FC Driver (qla2xxx) won't be able to detect link-up .
So, issue_lip needs to be executed manually to recognize StoreOnce as online .


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