(DP) Support Tip: Service Guard Legacy Package environment can not be upgraded to DP10.30


Error Message
Upgrading to DP10.30 fails by the following error .

# ./omnisetup.sh
Validating System requirements...
Error: Hostname does not match with Cell Server name.

Some of the pre-requisites are not satisfied, exiting the installation.


Upgrading from DP9.0x :
To confirm the cluster package name , cmviewconf command is used but it was obsolete and doesn't exist since ServiceGuard 11.20 .
Because of that , ".util INFO_CLUS" doesn't return anything, then pre-requisites check process fails .

Upgrading from DP10.0x :
To confirm "ip_address" of the cluster package , cmviewcl command is used .
It will work for Modular Package , but doesn't work for Legacy Package
because "ip_address" is not defined in configuration file of ServiceGuard Legacy package .

Workaround / Fix
Please consider to upgrade to DP10.40 .
The error won't occur because the pre-requisites check process has been changed .
The issue of .util will be addressed in future release . (QCCR2A83854)

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