(DP) Support Tip: NIC is removed after restoring VM when distributed switch is used


Error Message
If VM is connected to Distributed Switch , Network Interface Card is removed after restoring the VM .
The restoration finished without any error , but debugs indicate "No network card available for VM" during the restoration .

[ 99] 2020-01-20 15:09:41.780 ("/integ/vep/vepa/Plugins/Vmware/VmwareHelpers/QueryUtil.cpp $Rev$ $Date:: $:":1095)
[ 99] <<=== (7) } /* QueryUtil::getVirtualDevices */
[ 99]
[ 20] [QueryUtil::getVirtualEthernetCards] Returning:

[ 99] 2020-01-20 15:09:41.780 ("/integ/vep/vepa/Plugins/Vmware/VmwareHelpers/QueryUtil.cpp $Rev$ $Date:: $:":575)
[ 99] <<=== (6) } /* QueryUtil::getVirtualEthernetCards */
[ 99]
[ 20] [VirtualEnvironment::VirtualMachine::applyNetwork] No network card available for VM

There is an explanation about Distributed Switch in Documentation, but it's not clear .

Data Protector is unable to connect a restored virtual machine to a non-original vSphere network that uses distributed switches and is assigned such a distributed port group. In this case, after the restore, you need to manually connect the restored virtual machine to the desired network using vSphere Client.

Because the definition of Network Adapter is lost from the VM after the restoration, the VM can not connect to any network without creating new Network Adapter .

As a default , the VM will be restored to the original location .
When the VM is only connected to vSphere network that uses Distributed Switches,
the VM can not connect to the network after the restoration as described in the documentation .
That will be caused removing the Network Adapter from the VM because there is not any valid network card for the VM .

Workaround / Fix
It would be avoided by selecting another network that is not connected to Distributed Switch at the restoration .
Please try the options as described below .

Destination tab in Restore context :
1. By selecting "Datacenter" and "Host/Cluster", "Network" will become selectable .
2. Select appropriate network for the VM that is not connected to Distributed Switches


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