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Hello Family,

Please, i need your assistance.

I have a windows server 2012 R2 running on HP Proliant DL320e gen 8.

the machine boot normally, but not into the windows log-in screen.

i can ping it, view shared files, access the application on the server.

my ask is, can i use data protector to backup the server without having access to the server.  


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    Hello - please repost this question in the Data Protector forum.and let me know once you have and I can then remove this post. I would move the post for you but we cannot move wikis to discussion forums, unfortunately. 


    Raquel Winkler
    Micro Focus (now OpenText) Community Manager
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    You posted this in the general area for the Community, rather than the product specific area.  you would have better results in the area the Data Protector focused people hang out in

    in the mean time, I would at least get a copy of the files accessible off to an external drive or three as it sounds like your server is having issues that could easily kick into worse shape before a proper backup is moving forward.  Especially since most backup products needs some Administrator level access to the target to get full backups.  Note that I have no experience with Data Protector, hence back to going to where those with experience with it hang out


    Andy of in Toronto
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    This question would probably be best posted in the Data Protector forum. Please note the Explore Products menu at the top.